Level B: Grandview Boxes

The indoor Club

Outdoor box seats complimented by indoor attractions with a bar, concessions, and amenities for a total of 7,000 square feet. You won't have to travel far to get a cool drink, snack, or use the restroom. Grandview box seat holders will also have access to an outdoor terrace overlooking Grandstand Court. Don't miss a second of action on the two marquee courts on the grounds.

Final - 3rd Floor Plan.png
3rd floor south building.JPG

Amazing Views

These balcony boxes give you an amazing view of Center Court, right above the action.

Final - 3rd Floor Box Seatholder Lounge Rendering.png

Indoor Amenities

Take a break from the heat of the action and grab a snack or hit the restroom in the club just for Grandview Box Seat holders.